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Ventilation in new-build homes is often unsatisfactory. There’s insufficient capacity, the system is too loud, or the home is not as airtight as it should be. And the consequences? Poor air quality, resulting in health risks. We develop equipment for easily measuring air quality in the home.

Together with installation engineers, suppliers, and producers of air-handling systems, we develop simple, affordable measuring equipment for detecting faults. And this is necessary. A new Dutch Quality Assurance (Building) Act will soon enter into force. This act will strengthen the position of consumers. In the future, contractors and installation engineers will have to show that a new-build home meets the legal requirements, including those for air quality. Our research shows that some 80% of new homes currently fail to meet these requirements.

User-friendly measuring equipment

Installation engineers who want to show that the ventilation they’ve installed is working properly have to hire in specialist know-how. The work requires expensive equipment and is time-consuming. We’ve therefore started a collaborative venture with the installation sector organisation UNETO-VNI, the Dutch association of air-handling equipment suppliers Vereniging Leveranciers van Luchttechnische Apparaten (VLA)

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Monitoring installations, components, and energy

Want to know how installations perform? With our knowledge and instruments, we monitor performance and energy use for builders, developers, and end users.