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Sustainable chemical industry

The world's population will reach ten billion by 2050. Do we want to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation? If so, this will require major changes in the use of energy and material resources. Brightlands Materials Center takes on this challenge. We work on research and development programmes to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

Brightlands Materials Center

At the Brightlands Materials Center, we conduct research into new, sustainable technologies in the field of plastics and their applications. We develop innovative material solutions for a sustainable future.

We do this together with industry, universities and entrepreneurs, to help a variety of companies and sectors with technical challenges to find sustainable solutions. These include smart coatings for solar control glass, thermoplastic materials for lightweight constructions, and 3D printing technologies for sustainable manufacturing.

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Brightlands Materials Center

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Research programmes

In our research, we focus on major societal challenges. We work on aspects of sustainable mobility, sustainable buildings and circular packaging. We deal with buildings and mobility, as they are responsible for a large part of the carbon emissions that cause global warming.

Plastic is a very efficient way of safely packaging food products. But there are no circular solutions for it yet. This is why we develop innovative technologies for sustainable and circular materials. Find out more about our three research programmes:

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