Transition to a sustainable energy system

The transition to achieve a sustainable energy system by 2050 has begun. We help with applied research into a reliable, affordable and equitable sustainable energy system.

Energy system in balance with systems integration

The great advantage of fossil fuel sources is that they provide a constant flow of energy. In contrast, the supply from renewable sources is very variable. To achieve this, we’re working on a wide range of energy storage and conversion technologies.

Our latest developments

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Developers of Renewable Energy Training Centre in Indonesia target the youth

28 February 2022
TNO and Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) are setting up a sustainable energy training centre in Indonesia. Find out more about the project in Bali.

Shortage of materials threatens green hydrogen production

15 June 2021
There is a threat of a major shortage of the raw materials needed for the electrolysers that produce the hydrogen.