Financing the energy transition-accelerating and scaling-up

Energy transition pathways

Achieving global climate change mitigation and adaptation goals of the Paris Climate Agreement requires trillions of dollars in investments in, among others, sustainable energy infrastructure globally in the coming decades. Research and further insight is necessary to support sufficient and efficient decision making on investment in energy infrastructure.

Studies and reports

TNO performs research on how investments in the Dutch energy transition can be accelerated and scaled up.

Divestment from fossil fuels: will it accelerate the energy transition?

Evidence of direct impact of fossil fuel divestment in relation to the reduction of CO2 emissions is limited. The divestment has helped raise awareness of the need for climate action and increased support for climate policy.

Financing the energy transition in The Netherlands: the important role of institutional investors

This study looked at and makes 6 observations into the possible role of institutional investors who have sufficient capital to initiate a successful energy transition.

Think big: reduce the investment gap for energy efficiency in the EU

Standardization and aggregation are prerequisites to enable the securitization of energy efficiency assets and thus raise capital from institutional investors to bridge the energy efficiency investment gap in Europe.

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Energy transition growing cooperation between government and industry

4 July 2022

Industry needs to go green more quickly. While it’s true that this sector has succeeded in significantly reducing its CO2 emissions between 1990 and 2020 with at least 25%, in absolute numbers those emissions still represent tens of megatons per year. In the Climate Agreement, government and industry have agreed to further reduce emissions. As an innovation and knowledge partner, TNO supports ministries, provinces, municipalities and regions in implementing effective policies. We also bring public and private parties together to implement acceleration: the radical greening of the value chains in industry.

Energy system in balance with systems integration

By converting and storing renewable energy, we can have energy at all times. Even if the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

Reliable, affordable and fair energy system


The transition to a sustainable energy system by 2050 will involve major changes. Find out what we contribute to this.

Developers of Renewable Energy Training Centre in Indonesia target the youth

28 February 2022
TNO and Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) are setting up a sustainable energy training centre in Indonesia. Find out more about the project in Bali.

Shortage of materials threatens green hydrogen production

15 June 2021
There is a threat of a major shortage of the raw materials needed for the electrolysers that produce the hydrogen.