Social innovation

How do we get everyone on board with energy transition? We investigate what drives or inhibits consumers, and which processes play a role in this. Find out how social innovation plays a part in the energy transition.

The social aspects of the energy transition

We investigate what drives or inhibits consumers to participate in the energy transition, and which processes play a role in this.

Our latest developments

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Preventing energy poverty

Energy poverty affects the energy transition. How much energy poverty is there in the Netherlands? Read our research and see the TNO energy poverty map.

Citizen participation in the energy transition

Citizen participation is necessary for public support of the energy transition. See what municipalities can do to shape citizen participation.

Tackling energy poverty together

23 November 2020
Nearly one million households suffer from energy poverty, which is hampering the energy transition. TNO analyses this issue. Read the white paper.

Cementless, 100% locally made blocks for energy efficient housing

16 September 2020
TNO, Oskam and LEVS developed Cementless Compressed Earth Blocks – a groundbreaking technology to make strong bricks without cement nor firing, using only local resources.