Quantum Sensing Testbed

Quantum Computing Devices development

TNO  aims to accelerate the introduction of quantum sensing to the market by creating open test facilities where universities, companies and end-users can work together on the development and testing of quantum sensing technology.

What are quantum sensors

An immense variety of quantum systems have proven to be valuable sensors, with stages of development that go from theoretical ideas to commercial products.

Accelerating market development for quantum sensing

TNO  aims to accelerate the introduction of quantum sensing to the market by creating open test facilities with the support of Quantum Delta NL  and in collaboration with TU Delft. In these facilities, universities, companies, and end-users can work together to experiment with the technology and its applications.

Spin-based quantum sensor testbed

The Spin-based sensor testbed provides third parties easy access to quantum sensors based on NV centers. In the facility, it is possible to test use-cases,  benchmark sensors, and their components.

The Spin-based sensor testbed includes

  • A scanning probe magnetometer
  • A set of compact high, sensitivity magnetometers
  • A wide-field magnetometer

By removing the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, TNO intends to lower the threshold for developing and testing quantum sensing technology and components.

Another TNO project is the Quantum Testing and Experimentation Program. Read all about it in a special article.

If you are working on quantum sensing technology and are interested in using our open test facilities, contact us.

Quantum sensing testbed installation

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TNO Starts 7-year Quantum Testing and Experimentation Program

2 November 2022

TNO is coordinating Qu-Test, a network of RTOs and NMIs funded by Quantum Flagship, to accelerate European competitiveness in quantum technology.

Quantum technology: unique research field full of potential


Quantum technology offers new opportunities

Multiple academic and research organizations sign MOU for Quantum Application Lab

28 October 2021

Last week the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the six partners of the Quantum Application Lab (QAL): University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research (TNO), the national research institute for mathematics and computer science (CWI), the Dutch collaborative ICT Organization for Dutch higher education and research (SURF), TU Delft (on behalf of QuTech and Quantum Inspire) and the Netherlands eScience Center.

New EU Quantum Flagship | Quantum Computing

4 February 2021
EU Quantum Flagship quantum computing project launched | TNO to develop spin qubit full stack demonstrator. Read the full news release.