Remanufacturing lab

Artificial intelligence

The remanufacturing lab is a testing and experimentation facility for manufacturing, resulting from the European project AI-Matters. The aim of this project is to stimulate digital innovation in manufacturing and sustainability. The main goal is to provide an operational remanufacturing line that is capable of restoring value in products after they have been used and are in need of repair. The project offers a catalogue for external service providers to test their interoperability.

TNO supports and facilitates AI technology providers, systems integrators and end users in the manufacturing industry with the remanufacturing lab to implement AI solutions and set up a process for remanufacturing. The architecture of this facility invites you to test and experiment with new solutions before implementing them. The remanufacturing lab is located in Eindhoven on the Brainport Industries Campus.

Promoting AI in manufacturing

The goal of the AI Matters network is to encourage the adoption of AI technology in the European manufacturing industry by applying robotics and other advanced AI-based solutions in realistic environments and on a large scale.

At the Dutch facility in Eindhoven we combine data spaces and digital product passports to discover its capabilities and limitations, as well as its fit in the emerging digital society. The remanufacturing line strives towards an operational DPP request system that operates on a data space decentralized data sharing infrastructure.

AI Matters – a collaborative consortium

A consortium of 25 organizations from eight European countries has joined forces to establish interconnected world-class testing and experimentation facilities. The Dutch facilities involve Brainport Industries, TNO, and Eindhoven University of Technology (EAISI – Eindhoven Artificial Intelligence Systems Institute).

Brainport Industries Campus is one of the eight European locations forming a network for Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing, known as AI Matters.

In AI-Matters, The European Union allocates a total of €30 million from the Digital Europe Programme for the network, of which a small €4 million is designated for the Dutch consortium. This amount will be doubled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, resulting in a total funding of approximately €8 million. Discover our state-of-the-art facility for refining and testing remanufacturing processes!

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