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17 February 2016 • 1 min reading time

A chip to rapidly test blood. Or an innovative way to keep employees motivated and healthy. Our TNO experts work with partners from around the world to create innovative solutions for all sorts of challenges. On TNOTIME we will show you some inspiring examples of how TNO opens up the impact of our innovations to businesses and society. At the same time we keep an open eye to the outside world. What challenges and opportunities are there for businesses? Which societal challenges do we face? And what solutions can TNO bring to the table? We will regularly post interviews with experts, opinion leaders and TNO employees.

As a visitor of TNOTIME you can respond to the content and share articles, videos, infographics and videos via Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. And as an extra innovation we added the possibility for you to specify how much reading time you have and TNOTIME will provide material to you based on this choice.

I hope you enjoy reading and wish you lots of inspiration!

Paul de Krom
Chairman of the TNO executive board


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