Cultural and International diversity

The Cultural and International diversity community brings people from different places and with a diverse set of cultural backgrounds together. We welcome anyone interested in connecting with people from different cultures, and we aim to create a strong network to support each other, raise awareness within TNO, and help TNO become an inclusive organization.

Goals and activities

We believe that a culturally diverse workforce can lead to increased creativity and innovation. We contribute to creating an environment where people from different backgrounds can learn from each other and generate ideas to overcome cultural and language barriers. Here, everybody can grow personally and professionally and contribute to TNO's mission. That's why we organize networking events, workshops, trainings, and collaborate with the TNO board.


Currently, the Cultural and International diversity community is led by Lucia Tealdi, who works as a Scientist at the Unit ICT, Strategy & Policy (ISP). The ambassador(s) are supported by a team of colleagues from all over TNO (and the world) who help create a strong network within TNO.