Young TNO

If you begin working at TNO and you are 36 or younger, join Jong TNO. Jong TNO gives you the opportunity to build an extensive network both inside and outside TNO. Fun, personal development and knowledge exchange are the main ingredients in activities organised by Jong TNO and similar organisations in other companies.

Jong TNO is an independent association for TNO employees up to the age of 36. We offer you the opportunity to get to know colleagues across the different TNO locations and thereby build an extensive network.

Activities are organised usually twice a month, focused on fun, personal development and knowledge exchange. These activities include company visits both inside and outside TNO, study trips, workshops, sporting activities and informative and informal get-togethers.

Cooperation with other companies

As a Jong TNO member, you can also participate in activities organised by the ‘young’ associations of other companies, like Shell, Philips, Siemens, the ING Group and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These associations are, like Jong TNO, members of the umbrella organisation for such associations, ICA (Inter Company Association).

Over 45 young’ associations from various Dutch and multinational companies and institutions are affiliated to this umbrella organisation. They organise various activities each year whereby young people from different companies come into contact with each other.

Jong TNO Internationally

Jong TNO is co-founder of YEAR (Young European Associated Researchers), a network of young researchers from European Research and Technology Organization (RTOs). It was set up to promote the exchange of expertise and ideas among the European RTOs, by organising conferences, workshops and exchange programs.