Young TNO

At Young TNO, we combine conviviality with substance. As such, we organise lots of activities that focus on personal development, connection, and conviviality. Consider (informative) get-togethers, business excursions, and a range of workshops, as well as study trips, winter-sports holidays, and survival weekends. Are you joining TNO and under the age of 36? Then we wholeheartedly invite you  to join Young TNO.

Join Young TNO now!

Young TNO is an independent association for TNO employees under the age of 36 with its own elected board and budget. All activities (initiated by our members and our board) are funded from this budget, meaning participation is almost always free for members.

A real advantage of Young TNO is that it gives you the opportunity to get to know colleagues at different departments and locations, thus broadening your horizon and enabling you to build an extensive network. Of course, it’s also simply a lot of fun to blow off steam together and discover how much fun your professional colleagues can be.

Young TNO is also a member of an umbrella organisation of young company associations (ICA - Inter Company Association), which also allows you to participate in activities organised at and by other organisations, including Phillips, Siemens, the ING Group, or the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. To give you an example, Young TNO recently attended several concerts and company open days, while also participating in gallery tours and leadership workshops.

Young TNO International

Young TNO is a co-founder of the Young European Associated Researchers (YEAR) association. This network of young researchers from European research institutes was set up with the aim of exchanging knowledge and expertise between European companies. They do so through conferences, workshops, and exchange programmes. As a Young TNO employee, you’re very welcome to attend!