Corporate legal

Looking for information regarding letters, requests, questions, complaints and legal documents? Read on for more information or contact us.

Letters, requests, questions, complaints and legal documents concerning:

  • legal procedures, such as but not limited to appeals
  • the Law on Transparency in Public Administration (Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur (WOB))
  • a specific complaint regarding an act by TNO in general and/or a specific employee in particular
  • the legal status of TNO
  • any and all remaining legal issues

are to be sent to the following address:

TNO Board of Management,
Attn: Corporate Legal & Compliance department
Postbus 96800
2509 JE Den Haag

Or by e-mail:

  • regard to freedom of information requests (“Woo-verzoeken”) to:
  • regard to all other legal letters, requests, questions, complaints and legal documents to:

In the event letters, requests, questions, complaints or legal documents are sent to a deviating address and/or department than stated above, the legal term stated in the applicable law will only enter into force from the moment the appeal is received by the TNO Board of Management, Corporate Legal & Compliance department.

Woo contact officer

In regard to article 4.7 Wet Open Overheid (Law on Transparency in Public Administration) TNO has appointed a Woo contact officer. If you have any questions regarding information available at TNO or your freedom of information request (“Woo-verzoek”), you can contact the Woo contact officer by sending an e-mail to

External complaint process

For external complaints please refer to the external complaint process (pdf)