Procurement of products and services at TNO

Procurement makes an essential contribution to an effective and innovation-oriented TNO. Flexibility, partnership, and innovation are leading for Sourcing and Contract & Supplier Management, creating more added value through effective deployment of the procurement function and procurement processes.

Legislation and regulations

When procuring goods, services or works, TNO takes into account the requirements encoded in European and national laws and regulations on procurement for public-law organisations. TNO pursues a healthy balance between legitimacy and efficiency. The Public Procurement Act and the Proportionality Guide are leading.


Within Procurement, innovation is an important development area for the coming years. Procurement strives to continuously improve and innovate methods and processes, both internally and externally. For example, by purposefully searching for innovative solutions or by providing opportunities for market parties to develop and/or offer an innovative solution during procurement and tendering processes. But also, by introducing innovations in the procurement process.


Sustainable procurement makes a significant contribution to the CSR policy whereby, when purchasing products and services, account is taken of the long-term social consequences of these purchases in terms of:

  • Environmental aspects (planet)
  • Social aspects (people)
  • Economic aspects (profit)


The drafting of purchase orders and agreements is based on TNO’s General Purchasing Terms and Conditions (AIV TNO), which have been filed with the Registry of the District Court of The Hague and the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague. In addition to a number of general terms and conditions, the AIV TNO describes specific terms and conditions for the supply of goods and software, the provision of services, the outsourcing of work and (sub-)contracting, and the provision of labour.

Code of Conduct

The TNO Code describes how TNO expects its employees to treat each other and the outside world. The focus is on the core values of the organisation, dealing with legislation and regulations, science and research, doing business, ethics & society, and people & organisation, among others. The Code describes how it is brought to the attention of TNO employees and how the integrity organisation functions. TNO employees are expected to be familiar with the aspects of the Code relevant to them.


Letters, applications, and complaints should be addressed in writing to:
Attn: Corporate Procurement department
P.O. Box 96800
NL-2509 JE The Hague

For questions, specific requests, and comments regarding TNO procurement-related matters, please contact the Procurement department, in addition to writing, by calling 088 86 60555 or sending an e-mail to [email protected].