TNO as an international partner

Worldwide, there is an ongoing trend of combining knowledge and application in a limited number of global knowledge hubs. The concentration of knowledge in proximity to (SME) companies, governments and NGOs provides the necessary momentum and mass to top the global competition in the field of innovation.

Globalisation means that businesses worldwide are looking for employees, partners and knowledge. They also often adopt an international perspective when selecting research parties. To be able to participate internationally in the vanguard of research and innovation, TNO’s knowledge base must also be internationally excellent and distinctive.

Research and innovation do not stop at national borders. TNO can strengthen the knowledge base of the Netherlands only by working closely with internationally leading knowledge partners, companies and governments. Knowledge that TNO develops for foreign partners or gains from them benefits Dutch industry and helps to solve societal issues in the Netherlands. This is fully in line with TNO’s mission: helping to solve societal issues and strengthen the competitiveness of industry through innovation.

In the information leaflet 'TNO and internationalisation', TNO further discusses the need to be internationally active and the ambition TNO has.

Read our information leaflet


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