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TNO Code

TNO has a reputation as an innovation and knowledge organisation. This knowledge comes from our more than 3,200 employees. When doing business with TNO you may expect a lot from us intrinsically. In addition to this expertise, which varies per employee, we also share a number of common values.

Integrity, independence, professionalism and social responsibility are the most essential core values of TNO.

Focus on customer and impact, innovation, connection and inspiration are just as important in the daily operations, making them an essential part of the TNO code. As far as scientific integrity is concerned, TNO has committed itself to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for research Integrity (NGWI). This NGWI includes principles, standards and institutional duty of care. The NGWI is referenced in the TNO code.

In addition to these codes TNO has a ‘Regulation governing the suspicion of wrongdoing’ to enable (former) employees to report suspected abuse which in the opinion of the employee contravenes the TNO code. TNO also has complaint schemes for employees and third parties. TNO has a pool of confidential counsellors, an Integrity Officer and an Integrity Advisory Board, and also takes a range of measures to help uphold the code.

TNO has adopted a policy on ancillary activities which, with the approval of the Works Council, is included in the TNO Terms and Conditions of Employment and to which reference is also made in the TNO code. The starting point of this policy is that ancillary activities should not be incompatible with the interests of the TNO organisation.

Part of that policy is that employees must regularly declare their ancillary activities via a TNO system and that the line manager(s) must give permission in response to those requests, or may impose further conditions, if necessary, or revoke previous permission. If the management does not (or no longer) endorse the ancillary activity, an interview will be held with the respective employee in order to arrive at a solution, with a view to either terminating the ancillary activity or the work that is performed for TNO. The policy on ancillary activities is regularly discussed between the line manager and the employee.

We cordially invite you to comment on our TNO code.

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