Annual Report

For more than 80 years, TNO’s employees have been effectively supporting companies, governments and organisations with innovations that improve well-being and prosperity. The stimulation of knowledge and innovation is crucial to sustainably enhancing companies’ competitiveness and the welfare of society.


For TNO, 2015 was a year in which innovations were realised, external collaboration increased, and business operations became healthier. These three primary areas were the focus in 2015 for TNO’s Board of Directors, with new CEO Paul de Krom. An overview of TNO’s activities and results is now available in the new, online Annual Report. The report contains a number of examples of the innovations realised with small- and medium enterprises (SMEs), large companies and governments. The examples illustrate how TNO’s unique expertise helped to bring about the solutions of tomorrow.


TNO closed the year 2015 with a  positive financial result of 2.5 million euro, an important precondition for our continuity. The positive result was achieved through the significant reduction in operating costs. At the same time, TNO maintained the operational results to date, by intensively managing stable and healthy business operations and a solid operational performance.


TNO is always looking for new forms of collaboration, and partnerships that utilise the social and economic value of innovation. We work with partners – large and small – on innovations that make the difference. We thereby invest in innovation that increases the competitiveness of  businesses and increases the well-being of our society.

The English version of our Annual report 2016 will be published soon.

In matters of interpretation the Dutch text will prevail over the digital English version of this report.

Digital Annual report TNO

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