Annual Report

For around 80 years our employees have been helping companies, governments, authorities and organisations to innovate effectively to boost wellbeing and prosperity. The stimulation of knowledge and innovation is crucial to sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of industry and the wellbeing of our society.


2016 was a successful year for TNO, both intrinsically and financially, as the result, partnerships and the organisational foundation were reinforced following a period of reorganisations and restructuring. In 2016 we were able to train our sights again on the future. The results are contained in the digital annual report 2016.


TNO’s positive result of 14.1 million euros in 2016 can be attributed to a tighter operation, greater efficiency and a further focus on our core business. This enabled TNO to compensate somewhat for the costs of reorganisation in recent years in relation to declining government funding. The result includes a non-recurrent non-cash asset of 5.5 million euros in respect of the introduction of compulsory corporation tax for government enterprises.


TNO opens its windows and doors wide for partners and society. TNO increasingly enters into long-term partnerships with universities, governments, authorities and industry to utilise the societal and economic added value of innovation. Together we work on innovations that make the difference. We invest in innovation to enable Dutch business and industry to become more competitive and to boost the wellbeing of our society.

Digital Annual report TNO

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Financial Statements 2016

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