National Big Data Infrastructure will boost pre-competitive research

04 Oct 2017

In order to unlock the value of distributed datasets an infrastructure is required for secure data sharing and high performance computing. TNO, SURFsara and University of Amsterdam invite partners to join this initiative and set up a National Big Data Infrastructure for enabling future digital transformation.

TNO, SURFsara and UvA see the importance of setting up a national big data infrastructure for enabling digital transformation. They announce their cooperation on taking the first steps and invite others to join. Their vision of a national big data infrastructure is a pre-competitive distributed environment where researchers, SMEs and large companies can collaborate on cross-partner and cross-domain challenges. It will allow partners to innovate by sharing data in a secure environment.

A National Big Data Infrastructure will connect Big Data Hubs in order to provide an operating environment for research and innovation. The first Big Data Hub was launched last year at the Amsterdam ArenA. Other hubs are currently being explored for Smart Industry, Agrifood, Logistics and Health. A National Big Data Infrastructure will enable high performance computing and secure data sharing between the hubs. National funds should be allocated to cooperate in public-private partnerships that facilitate and promote data sharing whilst complying to FAIR principles. Connections to international ecosystems will be formed through cooperation with international networks such as the European Open Science Cloud.

The initiators have unique capabilities to offer through the National Big Data Infrastructure. SURFsara innovates and deploys high-end ICT-infrastructure driven by challenges in research and education; UvA performs research to enable secure digital market places; TNO applies data driven innovations. Parties are invited to join this open cooperation in order to develop next generation ICT-infrastructure and technologies as the basis for digital transformation.

During the Small Big Data Congress on October 5th 2017 this cooperation will be presented by the initiating parties.

More information and registration can be found at:

Small Big Data Congress 2017

Small Big Data Congress 2017

On the 5th of October 2017 TNO, in collaboration with the Big Data Value Center, organized the fourth Small Big Data Congress! This congress aims at providing an overview of practical and innovative applications... Read more


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