TNO implements Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

17 May 2019

TNO considers it important that research is carried out in accordance with the principles and standards of good and honest scientific practice. Since 2004 there has been a Netherlands Code of Conduct for Academic Practice on which TNO had based its own code to a large extent. At the end of 2018, partners from the public knowledge infrastructure (including TO2) introduced the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (NGWI). On 13 May 2019 the Executive Board decided to amend the TNO code and regulations with effect from 15 May so that they are aligned with the NGWI. By accepting and implementing this code, TNO is participating in a framework that is used throughout the public Dutch knowledge infrastructure. This will contribute to better cooperation and more uniformity in this area.

Integrity, independence, professionalism and societal engagement are the core values of TNO. Equally, a focus on customers and impact, innovation, connection and inspiration are so important in day-to-day operations that they are included in the TNO code as strategic core values.

Public knowledge infrastructure and international developments

The NGWI is endorsed by the KNAW, NFU, NWO, the TO2 federation, the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and the VSNU. These organisations ensure that the knowledge institutes, university medical centres, colleges and universities they represent or which belong to them subscribe to this Code. The NGWI describes the principles, standards and institutional duty of care for conducting sound scientific research, but also the violations and possible sanctions for non-compliance with the standards. This code brings Dutch science, including TNO, in line with international developments in the field of scientific integrity.

Adjustments and implementation

The acceptance of the NGWI will lead to necessary adjustments in a number of TNO regulations as of 15 May 2019. The biggest change to the TNO code is that the section on scientific research has been amended, and the standards that were included in it have been replaced by the standards referred to in the NGWI. The TNO Regulations governing the suspicion of wrongdoing and the TNO external complaints procedure have been amended to bring them into line with the NGWI. In the case of the latter, it is also in the context of the amendment of the General Administrative Law Act. In the coming year, TNO will make a firm commitment to publicising what the NGWI means for TNO employees and what the organisation has amended in its structures in order to facilitate these changes. This is being done through e-learning, training and adaptation of the integrity platform.

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