Questions about the testing of face masks?

31 Mar 2020

At the moment, TNO is being approached frequently regarding the testing of face masks.

TNO, when approached by its customers, only tests the filtering effect of material from which mouth masks are made and compares this with the filtering effect of the material from certified mouth masks.
If you want this test made please contact [email protected].

TNO does not test according to NEN EN standard 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 for FFP type masks or NEN-EN standard 14683: 2019 + C1: 2019 for surgical masks. TNO does not issue certificates.

TNO would like to receive information via [email protected] about which brand or company claims or suggests that the mouth masks have been tested or certified by TNO and where that claim is made (please enclose a copy, link, etc.).

Important and relevant information about face masks can be found on the following website. (More extensive information is available in Dutch.)

Additional information about face masks can be found at:

For all general questions about the measures being taken in The Netherlands concerning corona we refer you to these sites: