BRO’s practical examples win international Esri 3D prize

30 Jul 2020

A lot of information about the Dutch surface and subsurface comes together in the Key Register of the Subsurface (BRO). As Geological Survey of the Netherlands (GDN), part of TNO, we realize the BRO. The innovative GDN models enable relevant visualisations of the use of the subsurface to be created. This is a powerful way to get a better view of the link between the subsurface and the surface, a field of knowledge in which GDN has been an (inter)national frontrunner for some time now. We are therefore pleased that the BRO practical examples have won first prize in the Esri category 3D GIS maps and congratulate all the partners who collaborated to get this great result.
The GeoTOP model provides a 3D image of the subsurface of the Dutch mainland to a depth of up to 50 metres below NAP

Tirza van Daalen, Director of the Geological Survey of the Netherlands on this success: "It’s fantastic that these visualizations show the importance of the subsurface and the BRO for society so wonderfully. I would like to thank the TNO-GDN and Esri Netherlands team for convincing Ed van Ingen and myself of the importance of 'Voxels' in Esri software six years ago. It is because of this that we started a joint research project which now creates amongst others  possibility to produce these visualizations. As said the BRO is itself is important, the use of the BRO even more.”

The prize was awarded within the framework of the Esri User Conference 2020, with the latest storymap of Amsterdam AmstelStad being submitted as an example. You win prizes together. That is why this prize is for all the partners who cooperate on the BRO. Every year, a number of large Esri conferences are organised at which colleagues from all over the world show the latest developments in the field of GIS applications from various fields. Every year, prizes are also awarded for the best GIS maps. There are various categories for this 'Map Gallery', such as educational maps, student maps, research maps and 3D maps. The BRO won first prize in the category 3D maps.

Read here the complete news article (in Dutch) about this great success

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