The societal need for Social Extended Reality (XR)

10 May 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our perspective forever. From the way we communicate to the way we work. From our thoughts about travel to our feelings about health and emotional wellness. Never before have so many people spent so much time communicating remotely—and never before have the limits of that remote communication become so clear.

But if we use the insights we have gathered in this challenging time to focus on a few specific innovations, we can likely address some of the other major societal challenges of our time, like climate change and resource scarcity. How? By enabling Smart Societies through the use of XR technology. TNO works on it daily and publishes a paper today about its efforts to make Social XR a reality.

Read all about barrier-breaking XR technology for Smart Societies

Download the paper.


TNO is ready for the next step, and wants to involve industry players, network providers and governments in the realisation of seamless, realistic communication that can make a real impact on the world in which we live. If we wish to establish a foothold in the communication technology of tomorrow, research and technology organisations, public institutions and private industry must all work on it together, today.

Our work

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Dr. ir. Omar Niamut

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  • social xr
  • xr technology
  • augmented/virtual reality

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