Council for Defence Research

The Council for Defence Research determines the policy regarding defence research, with due observance for the responsibilities of the Executive Board. The defence part of TNO comprises the fifteen departments of the Unit Defence, Safety & Security for which defence research is the main activity. Members of the Council are appointed and discharged by Royal Decree.


The TNO Council for Defence Research currently consists of:

  • Rear Admiral M.G.L.H. (Maarten) Tossings MSc, Member of the TNO Executive Board (COO), chair
  • Mr M. (Marc) Gazenbeek, Deputy Secretary-General, Ministry of Defence, vice chair
  • Rear Admiral A. (Ad) van de Sande, Director of Plans, Ministry of Defence, Member
  • Dr H.A.H.C. (Hajee) van Veen, Managing Director, TNO Unit Defence, Safety & Security TNO, Member
  • A.P. (Auke) Venema MSc, Directorate-General Policy, Ministry of Defence, Member
  • H.F. (Harold) Bousché MSc, TNO Portal Office, Secretary