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Materials solutions is expert in developing innovative nanomaterials, nanostructured coatings, and polymeric nanocomposites. These materials are of great benefit in high-speed industrial 3D printing, storing heat in molecules, detecting volatile organic compounds, and much more. There are 4 areas of expertise within Materials Solutions: materials research for geo energy, chemical sensing, photons-to-chemicals, and thermochemical materials.

The expertise group develops innovative materials with advanced functional properties. These are made suitable for a specific application by developing the right chemical composition and designing nanostructures and/or microstructures. A key part of the work is achieving technically efficient and cost-effective production on an industrial scale.

When developing advanced material properties, the expertise group combines various disciplines: colloid chemistry, wet-chemical coatings and polymeric materials, materials modelling, and heterogeneous catalysis.

Areas of application of Materials Solutions

The expertise group is currently concentrating on developing innovative materials for:

  • improving the safety and/or efficiency of geothermal energy (market applications: energy, environment)
  • detecting chemical substances (market applications: energy, healthcare, environment, defence, security)
  • synthesising chemicals and fuels using sunlight (market applications: sustainable chemical industry)
  • storing heat in chemical compounds (market applications: construction and infrastructure, energy)
  • controlling the energy flux through building envelopes (market applications: sustainable chemical industry, construction and infrastructure)
  • accelerating industrial 3D printing production techniques (market applications: flexible free-form products, industry)
  • improving the performance and recyclability of thermoplastic composites (market applications: sustainable chemical industry, automotive industry).

Heat battery for the home

A good example of the work of the Materials Solutions expertise group is the heat battery. Together with Eindhoven University of Technology, we’ve developed the first real heat battery for the home: compact, loss-free, stable, and affordable. Watch the video for more information.

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