Successfully innovating together with Orchestrating Innovation

Transitions and transformations

Digitalisation, sustainability, future-proof cities. Trends such as these appear in the newspapers every day, as they have a major impact on our prosperity and well-being. But new trends call for new kinds of collaboration. Orchestrating Innovation helps to shape and encourage collaboration on innovation between governments, knowledge institutions, and companies.

Working together on innovation is always a challenge. There’s a strong chance that participants will have conflicting interests. If they do not reach agreement, the collaboration may fail.

Confidence – for the long haul

Collaboration succeeds when participants have a common interest. Knowing and recognising each other’s interests is essential. But that isn’t easy when a complex field such as the energy transition is involved. The participating parties must therefore be clear about what they can or should do to help each other. They need to be confident that they’ll come out stronger, and they must also be in it for the long haul.

We’ll help you organise

The success of a collaborative venture depends to a large extent on the guidance given. For successful collaboration, you need a neutral party that takes stock of everyone’s interests and motives. And then ensures that the stakeholders seek a common goal that everyone can identify with.

This party is a kind of orchestrator, dealing with issues such as the following:

  • Which parties should we bring in, and at what point?
  • What are the interests and aims of each party?
  • With what shared ambition do we motivate the most relevant parties?
  • What role are they willing and able to play in this innovation?
  • How do we get the participants to make an active contribution?

A positive contribution to society

We have substantial experience in orchestrating public-private partnerships. We seek solutions together to challenges in the fields of energy, mobility, health, sustainability, digitalisation, liveability, and safety. The aim is to make a positive contribution to society and to meeting current challenges through innovation.

Our learning programme

Our expertise and experience regarding innovation processes has produced a special approach that we call Orchestrating Innovation, with which we can take the organisational work off your hands. It also enables you to grow and develop. We provide a special learning programme for this purpose, in collaboration with the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and Rotterdam School of Management.

Excellent innovation podcast

Would you like to know more? Watch the video recording of the podcast with TNO expert Frank Berkers talking to Ferdinand Jaspers of the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship about ‘Orchestrating Innovation in public-private ecosystems’.

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