Annemieke van de Runstraat

Annemieke van de Runstraat

Project Lead
Annemieke van de Runstraat

Relying on her background in chemical engineering, Annemieke has over 20 years’ experience in coordinating and setting up experimental verification programmes and conducting research in a wide range of complex environments. Her broad professional knowledge, combined with her inner drive and natural organisational and people skills, make Annemieke the supporting lifeline for many technological developments.

Annemieke manages various projects within the Circular Plastics cluster and heads the team in Delft that is developing the TNO Möbius dissolution technology. This technology uses a physical recycling technique under superheated conditions to selectively dissolve polymers.

Before embarking on her career, Annemieke attended higher education at the University of Twente where she graduated with an MSc degree in chemical engineering. She furthered her studies at Eindhoven University of Technology to finally obtain her Doctor of Philosophy degree, also in chemical engineering.

Delft - Leeghwaterstraat

Leeghwaterstraat 44
NL-2628 CA Delft

Postal address

P.O. Box 6012
NL-2600 JA Delft