Arnold Tukker

Professor Industrial Ecology

Since October 2013, I am the Professor of Industrial Ecology and Scientific director of the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML, 130 staff) at Leiden University for 70% of his time. I retain a 30% position as senior researcher at TNO.

Research area

I’ve set up prominent EU projects in the field of sustainable product design (SusProNet) and sustainable consumption and production (SCORE!) and was core member of the 10 Million Euro Dutch Knowledge Network on Sustainable System Innovations. Moreover, I coordinated a string of major programs of some 15 million Euro with some 20 key European research institutes in the field of resource-efficiency, a.o. constructing the world’s most ambitious and detailed global energy/resource/economic input-output databases and models (EXIOBASE). Together with 6 partner universities we set up an EU Marie Curie Innovative Training Network of 15 PhDs researching the circular economy  (Circ€uit). This work is a pivotal support for the TNO activities in the field of resource-efficiency and a circular economy.

Recent results

Despite working until fall 2013 outside academia, I’ve authored 6 books, over 100 refereed papers and 7 special issues on sustainability research (h-value 43 / 12000 citations in Google scholar; h-value 28/5100 citations in Scopus). I’ve been engaged with work of the UN on the Green Economy Initiative, the Resources Panel, the Ten Year Framework of Programs on Sustainable Consumption and Production, and Sustainable Development Goals. Being appointed as member of the European Academy of Sciences (EURASC) in 2018, I  was recognized by the Web of Science Group as a highly cited researcher in November 2019.

PhD supervision

  • Sebastiaan Deetman (2013-2020) – Scenarios on the use of critical raw materials (EU H2020 and CML)
  • Coen van der Giesen (2013-2020) – Towards a methodology for ex-ante LCA (NWO and CML)
  • Liangcheng Ye (2015-2019) – The potential for renewable electricity production in China (CSC)
  • Bertram de Boer (2016-2020) – Analysis of emissions and resource use by global consumption with Input-output tables (Swedish EPA)
  • Viktor Firmana (2016-2020) – Environmental and economic accounts for Indonesia (LDPD)
  • Dian Armanda (2016-2020) – The potential of urban farming in Indonesia and its environmental impacts (Indonesian grant)
  • Glenn Aguilar (2016-2020) – Environmental, economic and social impacts of changes to circularity with IOA (EU MC ITN)
  • Carlos Siguenza (2017-2021) – Impacts of changes to circularity with LCA – with case studies on electrical and electronic equipment and automotive (EU MC ITN)
  • Suzanne v.d. Brink (2017-2021) – Transparency in supply chains of conflict minerals (EIT KIC RM)
  • Michelle Wagner (2017-2021) – Material flow analysis of critical metals (EIT KIC RM)
  • Dong Di (2017-2021) – China and the global copper cycle (CSC)
  • Chungbo Zhang (2017-2021) – Eco-efficiency assessment of innovative building and construction materials (CSC)
  • Zhongxiao Sun (2017-2021) – Spatially Explicit Environmental Input Output Analysis of global biotic material flows (CSC)
  • Franco Donati (2017-2021) – Raw material scenario assessment tool in relation to a circular economy (EIT KIC RM)
  • Natalya Tsoy (2017-2021) – Ex ante LCA of the use of CO2 as raw material in PUR production (EU H2020)
  • Jana Frankenmolle (2018-2022) – Ex-ante LCA of remanufacturing strategies in the automotive sector (EIT KIC RM)
  • Chen Tang (2018-2021) – Dynamic MFA of Li batteries in the context of a global transition to e-mobility (CSC)
  • Chengjiang Xu (2018-2022) – Stocks and waste flows of Electrical & electronic equipment with MFA (CSC)
  • Xioyang Zhong (2018-2022) – Top down assessment of environmental impacts of building stocks (CSC)
  • Xining Yang (2018-2022) – Estimating building stocks with LCA&Building Information Management Systems (CSC)
  • Teun Verhagen (2018-2022) – Circular economy at city level (ACCEZ)
  • Levon Amatuni (2019-2023) – Towards a detailed, global integrated economic/physical stock-flow database (PANORAMA project aligned with RMIS work of EU DG JRC; EIT KIC RM)
  • Tales Yamamoto, Idem (2019-2023; EIT KIC RM
  • Milou Derks, Scaling up service innovations in developing countries (2019-2024; funded by TNO and TU Eindhoven)

Top publications

  • Marques, A., Martins, I.S., Kastner, T., Plutzar, C., Theurl, M.C., Eisenmenger, N., Huijbregts, M.A.J., Wood, R., Stadler, K., Bruckner, M., Canelas, J., Hilbers, J.P., Tukker, A., Erb, K., Pereira, H.M. (2019). Increasing impacts of land use on biodiversity and carbon sequestration driven by population and economic growth. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 3 (4), pp. 628-637
  • Behrens, P., J.K. de Jong, T. Bosker, J.F.D. Rodrigues, A. de Koning, A. Tukker (2017). Evaluation the environmental impacts of dietary recommendations. PNAS, December 19, 2017, 114, p. 51
  • Tukker, Arnold, Tanya Bulavskaya, Stefan Giljum, Arjan de Koning, Stephan Lutter, Moana Simas, Konstantin Stadler, Richard Wood (2016). Environmental and resource footprints in a global context: Europe’s structural deficit in resource endowments. Global Environmental Change 40 (2016) 171–181

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