Christopher Brewster TNO

Christopher Brewster

Senior Scientist at TNO and Professor at Maastricht University on Application of Semantic Technologies
Christopher Brewster TNO

Christopher Brewster is a Senior Scientist in the Data Science group and Professor of the Application of Emerging Technologies in the Institute of Data Science, Maastricht University. His research has focussed on the application of Semantic Technologies, Open and Linked Data, interoperability architectures and Data Governance, mostly to the food and agriculture domains.

Professorship chair

Application of Emerging Technologies (Maastricht University).

Research area

My research area lies within Artificial Intelligence with a technical focus on technologies for describing and sharing data between multiple parties. I am interested in technologies for interoperability, knowledge representation, and architectures for data sharing including Linked Data, Knowledge Graphs,and the FAIR data principles.

I have applied these technologies in the domains of food, agriculture, logistics and supply chains, and more generally I am interested in the role ICT can play in the reduction of human impact on the environment. TNO’s ICT Unit has a major focus on data sharing and interoperability, as making data available is a prerequisite for the use of machine learning and other AI technologies.

My recent work has been in the design of data sharing architectures in the agrifood domain – while respecting confidentiality and privacy. I expect to this application area to raise a number of technical and ethical challenges as we seek to use data more effectively to manage the impact of agriculture on climate breakdown.

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