Gerard Schepers

Gerard Schepers

Senior scientist at TNO And professor at Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences on Windenergy
Gerard Schepers

The research area of my lectorship is wind energy. The focus lies on technological aspects of wind energy, e.g.  turbine technology and experimental techniques, as well as on social acceptance. These research areas are largely in line with those of  the TNO unit Energy Transition, department Wind Energy. My lectorship at UAS Hanze is active since November 1, 2018. Prior to that, I was lector at UAS NHL in Leeuwarden since January 1, 2012.

Professorship chair

Windenergy (HanzeHogeschool, University of Applied Sciences)

Research area

Much attention of my lectorship is paid to education, this implies development of curricula but also contributions to studies on the Human Capital Agenda so that sufficient professionals can be delivered for the growing labour market. Important curricula to which my lectorship contribute are the European EUREC Master Renewable Energy and the minor Wind Energy.

I have carried out several projects related to small wind turbines (up to a power of 15 kW). Such small turbines have the potential to operate at rural areas but they are also suitable for educational purposes. Students can perform measurements on small wind turbines relatively easy by which they are trained on experimental techniques and they gain practical experience on how wind turbines operate. An important highlight of my lectorship is the organization of the annual Small Wind Turbine Contest which is held since 2013. Students from universities all over the world design and build a small wind turbine (maximum diameter of 1.6 meter) which is then tested in the Open Jet Tunnel of TUDelft.

Top publications

  • Niels Adema, Menno Kloosterman, and Gerard Schepers Development of a Second Order Dynamic Stall Model Wind Energ. Sci. Discuss.,, 2019
  • Schepers, J.G. Pragmatic Models: BEM with Engineering Add-Ons, Handbook of Wind Energy Aerodynamics, edited by Stoevesandt B, Schepers J.G., Fuglsang P and Yuping, S,
    Springer International Publishing, 2021,
    ISBN="978-3-030-05455-7, DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-05455-7_19-1,


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