Herbert Zondag

Herbert Zondag

Senior Scientist at TNO and Professor at TU Eindhoven on Thermal Energy Storage
Herbert Zondag

My main research area is thermal energy storage, with the focus on thermochemical heat storage, PCM heat storage, and metal fuels and redox heat storage. Research ranges from molecular scale materials research up to thermal design of prototypes.

Professorship chair

Thermal energy storage (Eindhoven University of Technology).

Research area

Over the last 10 years, I have been involved in several PhD projects on this topic, ranging from molecular dynamics and experimental materials research to prototype development and system analysis.

In addition, in the coming years, I will extend my activities in the development of metal powder as CO2 free fuel. Finally, I am presenting courses on:

  • Thermal Energy Storage, giving a broad overview on heat storage, ranging from sensible heat and underground heat storage to PCM and thermochemical systems, including metal fuels.
  • Energy Demand, giving an overview of energy use in the Netherlands, with a focus on industrial processes

Top publications

  • Tijani, M.E.H., Zondag, H.A. and Van Delft, Y.C., Review of Electric Cracking of Hydrocarbons, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2022, 10, 49, 16070–16089.
  • Zondag, H. A., de Boer, R., Smeding, S. F. & van der Kamp, J., Performance analysis of industrial PCM heat storage lab prototype, Journal of Energy Storage. 18, pp. 402-413, 2018.
  • Scapino, L., Zondag, H. A., Van Bael, J., Diriken, J. & Rindt, C. C. M., Sorption heat storage for long-term low-temperature applications: A review on the advancements at material and prototype scale, Applied Energy. 190, pp. 920-948, 2017.
  • Gaeini, M., Zondag, H. A. & Rindt, C. C. M., Effect of kinetics on the thermal performance of a sorption heat storage reactor, Applied Thermal Engineering. 102, pp. 520-531, 2016.
  • Zondag, H. A., Kikkert, B., Smeding, S. F., Boer, de, R. & Bakker, M, Prototype thermochemical heat storage with open reactor system, Applied Energy. 109, p. 360-365, 2013.
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