Jan Souman

Senior Scientist Human Factors

As a Human Factors researcher, I focus on improving human-technology interaction in terms of safety and comfort.

At TNO, I strive to understand and reduce carsickness (not only in current vehicles, but also in the self-driving car of the future). Moreover, I also investigate the use of new vehicle features, such as advanced assistance systems and automated driving. Often, these developments are mainly technology-driven, rather than designed with the human user in mind.

Thanks to our expertise in human perception and information processing, combined with our experience in developing new technology, TNO contributes to the development of transportation that better meets people’s abilities and needs, as well as to the assessment and approval of new technology by governments.


Automotive Campus 30
NL-5708 JZ Helmond

Postal address

P.O. Box 756
NL-5700 AT Helmond