Lara Dimitrovski

Corporate Recruiter

‘I may just have the most cheerful job in the world.’ As a corporate recruiter at TNO, Lara Dimitrovski works mainly for the Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime (BI&M) unit. What does she pay attention to during an interview? Whether you are being yourself.


‘I completed my Human Resource Management studies during the financial crisis, at a time when there was simply no work in HR. I had the opportunity to obtain my practical diploma in Payroll Administration via a secondment agency, and was seconded to TNO.

Once I got started I noticed the opportunities TNO offers: I had the chance to grow within the organisation. First I worked with the internship coordinator on our internship policy: how do we make TNO as attractive as possible for interns? In 2018 I was able to become a corporate recruiter. I seized that opportunity with both hands.

It was something for which I’d been educated, but it also gave me a lot of energy when I accompanied a fellow recruiter to an interview. It turned out to be even more fun than I’d expected. But then again, not surprising either, because I only speak to enthusiastic people: TNO colleagues who are proud of their job and potential colleagues who want to develop themselves in the area the love. I may just have the most cheerful job in the world.

Ask questions yourself

How do I know you're the right candidate? I mainly look at your competencies; you have to be able to collaborate well within TNO, be communicative and, above all, very inquisitive. Together with your future manager I look at who you are and how you work. My technology colleagues assess whether there is a ‘technical match’ as well. I think it's very important that you ask questions during the interview. This way you can find out whether TNO is the right employer for you.

A question I often get is why have you been working at TNO for so long? Then I explain: it doesn’t matter which building you find yourself in, you feel the drive of the people. And when you walk down the street, you see TNO all around you. We're active in almost every field; the relevance of our work to society is evident all around us.

Get to know TNO!

What you can do to find out if TNO is the right organisation for you? Visit “Get to Know TNO!”. Students can get to know TNO through demos and workshops, among other things. And you get to know the people at TNO, so that you can see and feel the corporate culture. It's a really cool way to find out whether TNO suits you.’