Loes Buijze

Loes Buijze

Lead Scientist Theme Induced Seismicity
Loes Buijze

Induced seismic events of magnitudes large enough to be felt or cause damage can be a concern for some subsurface activities. I work on understanding and mitigating such potential induced seismic events, from a multi-disciplinary angle. I have a background in rock mechanical experiments and in analytical and numerical modeling of rock deformation, creep, stress changes, and fault reactivation, in the context of hydrocarbon production, storage, and geothermal energy production. As lead scientist in PMC Induced Seismicity I also identify key knowledge gaps and develop new research projects targeted towards seismic monitoring for process understanding, and aim to integrate lab, models and field observations.


Princetonlaan 6
NL-3584 CB Utrecht

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P.O. Box 80015
NL-3508 TA Utrecht