Marieke van Milligen

Research Manager

Hi I'm Marieke, working for the Data Ecosystems department as Research Manager, specialized in leading a team of professionals with deep understanding of data spaces, data sharing, data sovereignty, and data interoperability and the ability to make these solutions work for businesses and governments.

The impact of digitization on businesses advances further than proces optimization: it has become a part of their strategy. The value of data is bigger than ever, partly because of the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT). TO be able to share data safely and controlled we need data ecosystems. But how do you successfully develop these?

Organizations that want to digitize automatically have to cope with the question how they are going to organize their data streams. How do you make sure you have reliable data sharing? Which cloud solution is suitable for my organization? How can I already take into account the European standards that are in development?

TNO is at the forefront of the development of guidelines and platforms for sharing data, which makes us a valuable guide for organizations with various data-related issues. Furthermore we have all necessary expertise and experience for the development and design of effective data ecosystems.

By data ecosystems we mean environments within which organizations can safely share data.  Such an ecosystem comes in many forms: it can be an IoT-environment, or a marketplace. Sometimes it's a one-on-one exchange of data with an important customer, or a sector initiative to share data. The success is determined by interoperability and the development of accessible data sharing services.

Interoperability can be guaranteed by making agreements about technique, a common language (semantics), organizationally and about legal aspects. Thanks to a federated approach, businesses can quickly join multiple data ecosystems. Ecosystems of multiple sectors can also be connected this way.


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