Martine Morrison

Scientist Metabolic Health

I combine preclinical and clinical research to study the interplay between metabolism and health with a focus on diet-induced inflammation. Contact me about: translational preclinical efficacy studies in the field of metabolic dysfunction and associated diseases (e.g. MASLD/MASH and liver fibrosis; cardiovascular disease); body-brain interactions; metabolic flux analysis.

Over the past few decades it has become increasingly clear that inflammation – a normal and essential defence mechanism that protects the body from infection and injury – can also be triggered by metabolic overload (i.e. excess nutrients and dietary surplus). This chronic low-grade inflammatory state is considered to be very important in the development of many (obesity-related) diseases such as metabolic-dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD), cardiovascular disease (CVD) and neurodegenerative disease.

Using my background in Nutrition and Metabolism (with specialisations in Molecular Nutrition and Nutritional Physiology) and my PhD in Medical Biology (Metabolic Inflammation in Hepatic and Vascular Disorders) I study the role of metabolic dysfunction and -inflammation in these diseases and investigate how nutritional, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical interventions can attenuate their development and progression.

Recent publications

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