Michaël Declercq

Manager Recruitment

“With the perfect match, so many people win”. Together with his ‘super team’ of recruiters, Michaël Declercq is always on the lookout for new talent to make TNO even stronger. When that results in a perfect match, the celebrations can begin.

What does a Recruitment, Career and Hiring Manager do?

“My team and I ensure that we attract and employ the best talent at the right moment. That’s a real challenge, because the pressure in the job market is set to increase in the coming years. There are some scientific and technical disciplines which produce less than a hundred potential graduate recruits a year. Some of them stay in the academic world, and our competitors are all doing their best to seduce the rest. As well as recruiting new talent, we also offer career guidance for people already working at TNO.”

Why is TNO such a great place to work?

“At TNO, even in an indirect role like a recruiter, you’re working for the whole nation, and especially for companies and organizations that are making our society a better place. TNO is the pinnacle of innovation, with an impressively broad range of fantastic technological applications. People have high expectations of us, and we fulfil them!”

When did you first think, recruitment manager – that’s the job for me?

“Approaching the age of forty, I thought, ‘Now that I’ve mastered every facet of the job, I’m going into business for myself.’ I went on to work for some interesting companies as an interim recruiter, but the drawback was that I was always concentrating upon just one aspect. Then I found the perfect job for me, as Recruitment, Career and Hiring Manager at TNO. That brings together all facets of resourcing, in a really challenging context and with a super team!”

Do you interview applicants yourself?

“Quite regularly. That always energizes me. TNO people, and their future colleagues, have a huge passion for their work. They don’t go for status and form, but for what really matters. I admire their attitude to life and the way they practice their profession.”

What is a great working day for you?

“When we play our advisory role in a way that really adds value. For example, when we find the needle in the haystack who’s going to make TNO even stronger. When everything goes right, so many people win. First of all the new recruit, who’s found a great job. But also their future team, because of the innovation their expertise will bring. TNO as well, because society is going to benefit. And finally us. It gives us so much satisfaction to know that we’ve helped someone take an important step in their career and their life.”