Michel Dirkse

Classification Expert (Class 1) - Energetic Materials & Fireworks

Michel Dirkse, Project Manager within the Energetic Material department is active in the field of Process Safety & Fireworks and has decades of experience in testing and classifying pyrotechnic and explosive materials. These analyses play an essential role in identifying potential risk factors related to the processing, handling and storage of pyrotechnical materials and are key to prevent logistics and warehousing incidents.

  • Testing and Classification of dangerous goods (ADR, IMDG) of:

Class 1 (explosives & pyrotechnics) and

Class 9 (miscellaneous dangerous goods)

  • Determination of phys-chem properties such as thermal stability, sensitivity (to spark, friction, impact) , response to heating or ignition, detonation and deflagration.
  • Special Provision 645: Authorization of Fireworks