Paul Preenen

Senior scientist at TNO and Professor at Saxion University of Applied Sciences on Employability transitions

As a PhD in occupational and organisational psychology, I am fascinated by people, organisations and work. At TNO, I do applied research into the Future of Work. How do we ensure that people and organizations are well prepared for the work of the future? How will new technology affect work and people? How do we create learning, productive and entrepreneurial employees, organizations and communities?

Professorship chair

Employability Transitions (Saxion University of Applied Sciences)

Research area

I work as a senior researcher in the Sustainable Productivity and Employability department. I also work part-time as Professor of Applied Sciences (Lector) Human Capital at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, for the research group Employability Transition. I am also an editor for the European Journal of Workplace Innovation. I have previously worked as an innovation advisor for Ministries and the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taiwan. Furthermore, I have been an expert member for the SER (Dutch Social Economic Council) for the Social Innovation Committee.

I like to operate at the intersection of science, policy and business. My strength is bringing people, ideas and knowledge together and translating scientific research into practical and policy-relevant results. I like to develop integrated approaches and programs aimed at socially innovating (SME) organizations and sectors.

In my work, I always put people at the center. “Inspired and engaged people are the basis of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable productivity and success. So let's create work, organizations and communities in which people thrive. I say win-win!"


My work has been published in international academic and professional journals. Find a selection below.

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