Peter Eecen

Senior Business Developer / R&D Manager Wind Energy

Peter Eecen is R&D manager at TNO Wind Energy and is responsible for the research strategy on offshore wind energy for a group of about 55 researchers. As R&D manager Peter is to shape the R&D programme such that products are developed and – together with colleagues and collaborators – are brought to the market. As such, Peter is responsible for the commitment of the TNO research funding, the acquisition of projects in national programmes and in European programmes. Peter is coordinator of the EERA Joint Programme on Wind Energy.

Peter Eecen is R&D manager at TNO and determines the wind research strategy for a group of 55 researchers in offshore wind energy. Peter got his PhD in the field of nuclear fusion and worked for three years at TNO in underwater acoustics. In 2000 Peter started at ECN as R&D manager of the group ‘Wind and Waves’, concerning the wind and wave descriptions for turbine loading and wind resource assessments. He led the group on experiments and validation and he has been working in the field of Operation and Maintenance of large offshore wind farms. During four years Peter headed the group Rotor&Farm Aerodynamics with focus on rotor design and wind farm improvements. Peter performed research in modeling wind and waves, resource assessments, uncertainties in wind measurements, sensor innovations, remote sensing, operation and maintenance, wakes and aerodynamics, wind farm control and grid integration. He was responsible for measurements on full-scale wind farms and the ECN scale wind farm. Since 2011, Peter is responsible for the research programme offshore wind. The research programme aims to accelerate the implementation of offshore wind power by reducing costs and taking away barriers, while supporting the Dutch and European industry to become more competitive by innovations. Peter is active in TKI and GROW and supports the national research programme. Peter is internationally active in EERA, IEA, MEASNET, ETIPWind, and European projects. He is coordinator of EERA Joint Programme Wind Energy, a collaboration of the 53 largest research groups on wind energy in Europe. He supports industry by having a seat in the European technology platform ETIPWind. The European academia in wind energy is supported by the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE).


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