Raphaël Steenbergen

Senior scientist at TNO and Professor at Ghent University on Risk and Reliability

Flood defences, bridges, buildings and other civil infrastructures form an essential part of everyday life. Reliability based design is important because failures may have significant financial consequences and may result in injuries and loss of lives.

Professorship chair

Structural Engineering (Ghent University).

Research area

Probabilistic design: a key issue is to design and maintain infrastructure and buildings in a sufficiently safe way. Models and monitoring data are needed for resistance and load, but also given these sources of information, we need to quantify the probability of failure and to make a decision if the structure is safe enough. To deal with uncertainties and scatter, probabilistic techniques are needed to connect the model to a safe application for practise; a probabilistic approach makes it possible to design safe and reliable structures while avoiding costly over-design.

Top publications

  • Time-dependent reliability analysis of service-proven quay walls subject to corrosion-induced degradation; Roubos, A.A., Allaix, D.L., Schweckendiek, T., Steenbergen, R.D.J.M., Jonkman, S.N.; Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2020, 203, 107085
  • Target reliability indices for existing quay walls derived on the basis of economic optimisation and human safety requirements; Roubos, A., Allaix, D., Fischer, K., Steenbergen, R., Jonkman, S.; Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, 2020, 16(4), pp. 613–625
  • Partial factor methods for existing concrete structures; Robby Caspeele (UGent) , Raphaël Steenbergen (UGent) and Miroslav Sykora; (2016) In fib Bulletin 80.
  • Economic and human safety reliability levels for existing structures; Raphaël Steenbergen (UGent) , Miroslav Sýkora, Dimitris Diamantidis, Milan Holický and Ton Vrouwenvelder; (2015) STRUCTURAL CONCRETE. 16(3). p.323-332
  • Special issue of 'structural concrete' with articles from the JCSS workshop on 'risk- and reliability-based assessment of existing structures'; Robby Caspeele (UGent) , Raphaël Steenbergen (UGent) and John Sörensen Dalsgaard; (2015) Structural concrete. 16(3). p.313-313

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