Ronald van Balen

Professor Quaternary Geology

Unravelling the impact of climate change, sea level change and tectonic motions on the evolution and composition of the Dutch subsurface, including its aggregates and groundwater resources, and the archeological record.

Recent results

New insights into the impacts of faults on the fluvial history, hydrogeology, archeology and seismicity in the southern Netherlands was studied.

PhD supervision

  • Hans van Hateren (VU internal)
  • Rimbaud Lapperre (prov. Brabant, Brabant Water, Waterschap Aa&Maas)
  • Ewerton da Silva (ITN)
  • Alexandra Siebels (TNO)

Top publications

  • Van Balen, R. T., Kasse, C., Wallinga, J., Woolderink, H. A. G., 2021. Middle to Late Pleistocene faulting history of the Heerlerheide fault, Roer Valley Rift System, influenced by glacio-isostasy and mining-induced displacement. Quaternary Science Reviews, 268, 107111
  • Bazelmans, J., R. Van Balen,, J. Bos, O. Brinkkemper, J. Colenberg, P. Doeve, B. van Geel, T.Hakbijl, H. van Hateren, W.Z. Hoek, H. Huisman, E. Jansma, C. Kasse, B. van Os, H. van der Plicht, J. Schokker, N. Van der Putten, J. van der Woude, 2021. Environmental changes in the late Allerød and early Younger Dryas in the Netherlands: a multiproxy high-resolution record from a site with two Pinus sylvestris populations. Quaternary Science Reviews, 272, 107199
  • Chen, H., Wang, X., Lu, H., R.T. van Balen, 2021. Anthropogenic impacts on Holocene fluvial dynamics in the Chinese Loess Plateau, an evaluation based on landscape evolution modelling. Geomorphology, 392, 107935


Princetonlaan 6
NL-3584 CB Utrecht

Postal address

P.O. Box 80015
NL-3508 TA Utrecht