Steven Dhondt

Steven Dhondt

Professor Workplace Innovation
Steven Dhondt

My main focus is on the impacts of the newest technologies on organisational and work practice. At TNO, I coordinate the Smart Working-research programme, developing insights on the impacts of robotics and digitization on organisational practices.

Research area

In the press you hear a lot about the platform economy, cobotisation of industry and other new developments in the Dutch economy: most of this research is connected to the work of my team. In the past years, I have been closely following the blockchain developments in the fields of healthcare and education, linking to the blockchain initiatives (Techruption) of TNO.

Smart Working means new practices in organisations and in society, building on smart systems and on smart employees. I see it as a challenge to find this connection. I also believe that workplace innovation is the only way forward to achieve this smart connection. Next to my research work, I also coordinated over the past four years the European learning network on Workplace Innovation (EUWIN) for the European Commission (DG GROW).

Recent results

Major multi-annual projects:

  • SBO Paradigms4.0 project (2018-2022; 2,3 million euros; main coordinator and writer of project). Cooperation of KU Leuven (CeSO, HIVA, Engineering), Antwerp Management School, TNO
  • H2020 Beyond4.0 (2019-2023; 3 million euros; main coordinator and writer of project; now scientific coordinator). Cooperation with 8 major research groups in Europe (e.g. Prof. Marianna Mazzucato; IIPP London)
  • NWO-Min I&W SHAREHOUSE project (2019-2023; 3 million euros; scientific coordinator of proposal). Cooperation between STC, Erasmus Universiteit, several Universities of Applied Sciences; 10 companies
  • EU H2020 GI-NI (lead author) (3 M€) (website in development)
  • NWO LLEAD (600k€)
  • TKI Dinalog – Sharehouse 2 – 200.000 €

Distinguished (re)presentations:

  • 2017: Named to the Scientific Council for the central Scientific Research Centre “Sozialforshungsstelle Dortmund der TU Dortmund” (sfs-TU Dortmund Germany)
  • 2019: Invited as one of the three social sciences experts by DG Research&Innovation to participate in an expert discussion on Horizon Europe 2021-2017, Brussels.
  • 8-4-2019: Invited by the Dutch government and the Government of Singapore as one of the 15 leading Dutch scientific and social representatives, for evening with Singaporese ministers and representatives.
  • 3-7-2019: Invited by the Finnish Presidency of the Council of the European Union for a presentation to the High level Conference for Competitiveness (Helsinki Finland) about “Understanding new technology and work organisation. Workplace Innovation as a driving force for new technology adoption.”

PhD supervision

  • Michiel Bal (SBO Paradigms4.0-project ; 4 year funding)
  • Mirella Schrijvers (VP204 Future of Work + Funding Universiteit Utrecht)

Top publications

  • Dhondt, S. (2019) Blockchain as a necessary building block for Integrated Care ecosystems? In: Mohr, B., Dessers, E. Designing Integrated Care Ecosystems: a socio-technical perspective. Springer (2019)
  • Huyse, L. & Dhondt, S. (eds). Onverwerkt verleden. Een update na dertig jaren. Leuven: Kritak (“Unfinished business. An update after thirty years.”) (September 2020) (Book)
  • Dhondt, S. (2021). Workplace innovation: Concept and basic principles. In R. Kopp, R. Senderek & B. Dworschak (Eds.), Workplace innovation and leadership (pp. 41-54). Gevelsberg: Verlag Andreas Kohlhage.
  • Dhondt, S., Oeij, P.R.A., & Pot, F.D. (2021). Digital transformation of work: spillover effects of workplace innovation on social Innovation. In J. Howaldt, C. Kaletka, & A. Schröder (Eds.). A Research Agenda for Social Innovation (pp. 99-116). Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Dhondt, S., Kraan, K.O. & Bal, M. (2021) Organisation, technological change and skills use over time: a longitudinal study on linked employee surveys. New Technology, Work and Employment, 1–20. (Published: 31 December 2021)

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