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Facts and Figures 2018

TNO attaches great value to responsible animal testing and so animal testing is undertaken with the greatest possible care. Over the past 35 years the need for animal testing has more than halved in the Netherlands. After a steep decrease of animals used at TNO in 2013, over the past 5 years the numbers are quite stable. A lot has improved however on animal welfare and also in collaborations aimed at animal free testing (amongst other with ‘Proefdiervrij’).

TNO wants to reduce animal testing even further and therefore applies an active policy on developing and implementing the three Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement of animal testing) and the development of animal-free innovation. In 2010 TNO committed to the Transparency Code on Animal Testing whereby TNO and its subsidiaries enter into dialogue with the different stakeholders on every aspect of animal testing. Transparency on animal testing is one of the key elements of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy. TNO undertakes a common policy on animal testing and works closely with other parties on the 3Rs and on animal free testing.

TNO provides information about the animal tests they carried out during 2018 under their own responsibility, indicating which animal tests were carried out for which purpose and the reasons underlying the cost-benefit analysis between the usefulness for society and animal welfare.

The annual report for 2018 on animal testing by TNO covers the following topics

Animal testing policy


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