Sustainable energy

Energy is the second largest market at low-income groups, after food. Poor families spend >500 billion USD per year on energy solutions that are often polluting, inefficient and inappropriate. Nearly 3 billion people use open fires or rudimentary stoves for cooking or heating, mostly using wood or charcoal as a fuel .

1.2 billion people have no access to the electricity grid . These families use inefficient off-grid lighting points, such as kerosene lamps, candles or flashlights with disposable batteries.

Indoor air pollution, caused by poor energy solutions, is recently recognized as one of the largest global killers . Especially women and children suffer from lung cancer, respiratory tract infections and low birth-weight, but also from severe injuries due to house fires and poisoning . The growing need for energy also leads to massive environmental damage, both on a local and a global scale (e.g. deforestation and climate change). New innovative solutions are required to address these challenges. TNO is focussing on sustainable energy solutions for decentralized electrification.


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