Project Manager Naval Architecture

  • Delft
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

Quantum RF Designer | The Hague

  • Den Haag
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

We are currently looking for a new colleague to fill in the position of Quantum RF Designer in the Radar Technology department of TNO, within the Technical Sciences field of expertise.

Business Developer Environment and Climate | Utrecht

  • Utrecht
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

Sustainability is perhaps the biggest social challenge. The subject is high on the agenda of governments and business, both nationally and internationally. What are you going to contribute?

Junior Cyber Security Expert | Groningen

  • Groningen
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

Product Assurance Engineer | Delft

  • Delft
  • higher professional education (hbo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

The Product Assurance (PA) Engineer works directly with the Product Assurance Managers in the Space Systems Engineering department. Together, they can vouch for the (mainly optical) instruments and systems that are developed at TNO.

Experimental Pathologist | Leiden

  • Leiden
  • PhD
  • Parttime - 24
  • Vacancies

Medior Crypto Specialist | The Hague

  • Den Haag
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

Internship | Energy transition in industry

  • Amsterdam
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Internship and graduation project

Would you like to contribute to solving the climate change challenge?

Medior Technical Consultant Human Performance & Health

  • Soesterberg
  • university (wo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies

Precision Mechanics Designer

  • Delft
  • higher professional education (hbo)
  • Fulltime – 40
  • Vacancies
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Internship and graduation project (80)
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higher professional education (hbo) (14)
Secretarial / Administrative
Information Technology
Human Resources
Health Sciences (public)
Business Administration
Public Administration
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science
Process Technology
Physics - Optics
Mechanical Engineering
Chemical engineering and Chemistry Technology
Electrical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Molecular Science and Technology
Bio(medical) Engineering / Sciences
Infrastructure and Logistics
Maritime Engineering
Civil Engineering
Cyber/Information Security
Logistics and Transport Management
Earth Sciences
Industrial Innovation
Business Economics
Industrial Design
Human Technology Interaction
Environmental Sciences

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