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This is our time to make a mark in data science. In a world of ongoing digitisation, data quantities are constantly rising. But how can we properly harness this mountain of data to improve the quality of our lives? And how can we ensure privacy? But also, how can we make AI systems more reliable, fair, or comprehensible? Find out what we do at TNO in the field of data science or view our vacancies right away.

At TNO, we focus on three AI knowledge areas: Trustworthy AI, responsible AI, and knowledge-based AI. In doing so, we’re reflecting on how human knowledge and experience can be used to enrich information systems and AI. How can natural language enable data exchange? And how can we enable AI systems to learn from human knowledge and to use context awareness in reasoning?

One method is to use natural language to enable data exchange. Or by enabling AI systems to learn from human knowledge and to use context awareness in reasoning.

Stories of Time Setters

Read Sharon's story
"Our mission is making AI as human as it gets, and maybe even better than that."
Sharon Prins - Research Manager Data Science
Read Christopher's story
"I am interested in technologies for interoperability, knowledge representation, and architectures for data sharing."
Christopher Brewster - Senior scientist

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