Defence & security

This is our time to stand firm on defence and security. Security cannot be taken for granted. That’s why we’re putting our knowledge and technology to work to create innovations that will help ensure our continued peace and security. Find out what we do at TNO in the field of defence and security or view our vacancies right away.

TNO’s field of activity exists between land, sea, and air – and between cyber and space. We not only provide physical security, but also digital security. In doing so, we focus on four areas:

Stories of Time Setters

Read Robert's story
"TNO encourages you to step out of your comfort zone."
Robert Muller - Junior Scientist Innovator Electronic Defence
Read Judiths story
"I set up research lines in close collaboration with the navy and other units of the Ministry of Defence"
Judith Dijk - Senior research scientist
Read Ton's story
"I have been working at TNO for 32 years now and have done so many different things."
Ton van Koersel - Senior Business Developer UWW

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