Energy transition

This is our time to accelerate the energy transition. At TNO, we’re pulling out all the stops to ensure a zero-emission energy system in the Netherlands by 2050. In doing so, we’re helping companies lead the way in their sustainable innovations. After all, system transitions are a collective enterprise. Find out what we’re doing at TNO in the field of the energy transition or view our vacancies right away.

To achieve the energy transition, TNO carries out technical, social, and policy innovations. In doing so, we focus on four innovation programmes:

Stories of Time Setters

Read Laurie's story
"The fact that TNO also does social science research was new to me."
Laurie Hermans - Innovator scientist
Read Mathieu's story
"Our operations is becoming a showcase for our research."
Mathieu Baas - Manager real estate
Read Nadine's story
"There are various internal networks such as Jong TNO and you are even encouraged to move to another department."
Nadine Wennersbusch - Senior project manager

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