Partners of TNO

Creating innovations is a matter of working together, and that requires partners. That is why, every year, we team up with some 3,000 large multinationals, SMEs, universities and public-sector organisations within and outside the Netherlands to tackle challenges.

For us, working in partnerships is the obvious choice. Each individual partner has a particular focus, and their qualities complement those of TNO. Universities create new knowledge, for example. We focus on the application of that knowledge, and companies implement the innovations that are realised with it.

Our sister organisations

Our sister organisations that specialise in knowledge application are important partners. In the Netherlands, they are:

  • DLO in the field of food and biobased research,
  • NLR in the field of defence and safety,
  • Deltares in the field of building and urban development in delta areas
  • Marin in the field of maritime research.

In Europe we frequently work with

  • Fraunhofer in the field of industry,
  • IMEC in the field of technology,
  • VTT in the field of industry

We help these organisations to realise their ambitions, and they help us to realise ours.

Are you looking for an innovation partner? Can you help us with innovations? To find out more about the subjects we focus on, you can explore our website or contact us directly. 

See below for some examples of our partnerships.

Collaboration with TNO