Expertise Centre For Games And Game Design (EGG)

The Expertise Centre for Games and Game Design (EGG) is a joint initiative between the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (Game & Interaction Design research programme), TNO and Task Force Innovation (Utrecht region).

EGG was established with the aim of contributing to the development of high-quality applied games in the Netherlands. EGG does this by offering knowledge and advice to existing and prospective contracting parties and developers. The centre gives advice on development and application contexts, based on knowledge gained from studying relevant literature, completed projects and games under development. In this way, EGG creates a framework on which contracting parties as well as developers, researchers and interested parties can build. This means there is no need to reinvent the wheel for each new project, and the games sector in the Netherlands can continue to focus on developing its innovative capacity in the field of applied games.

EGG'S products

  • Handouts, with collated information on games for specific sectors or target groups
  • a Database with take-aways: tips & tricks for applied-game designers
  • a Database of applied-game developers in the Netherlands; search by expertise, experience and specialisation.
  • Workshops on question articulation and brainstorming (e.g. 'Gamification Brainstorm' and 'Playing the Applied Game').

Partners of TNO

Ing. Dennis Coetsier


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