The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Research in the field of Big Science is of great social significance. Apart from major ground-breaking applications, research projects also lead indirectly to many concrete applications that bring numerous benefits to consumers and society every day. Examples include navigation systems and rainfall apps on mobile phones.
State Secretary Dekker, Arnold Stokking (TNO) and Christa Hooijer (NWO) (Photo: Tessa van Leeuwen)

Current scientific and technological limits are constantly being extended. It starts with fundamental research, followed by applied research and then product development. Research projects of that kind can easily run for 20 or 30 years.

TNO and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) have been working jointly in the field of Big Science for many years. NWO ensures quality and innovative in science. NWO director Christa Hooijer says, “The NWO and TNO partnership is important, because we are both involved in different aspects of the knowledge chain. Science seeks to go beyond the boundaries of the unknown, while expanding the limits of technology. Discovering things we do not yet know by building things we cannot yet build. It is sometimes only sheer curiosity that leads to major discoveries.” TNO Industry director Arnold Stokking adds, “Pooling our knowledge and skills means that weighty issues can be tackled, which leads to ground-breaking results. In the process, we have to constantly recheck that the work we are doing is relevant to what society needs.”

Want to become a partner?

TNO and NWO believe that collaboration leads to innovation. Collaboration with Dutch and international organisations. There are many ways by which an idea can be converted into a practical product. Thanks to close partnerships, the period between an idea and the end result can be shortened considerably. In consequence, the innovative strength of industry, of the Netherlands, will grow. Would you like to join us in taking on new challenges? Please get in touch, without obligation.

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