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Benzene sensor detects benzene instantly

For workers in the petrochemical industry, benzene in particular, is a killer substance. This highly toxic, volatile compound can cause serious symptoms. That is why immediate detection of benzene is preferable. We are well advanced in the development of a small, portable, and affordable sensor that can do this.

At present, there are no small, portable sensors that can specifically detect benzene in low concentrations and companies often use more indirect measurements. This is a major problem, because the earlier exposure is detected, the sooner action can be taken.

Current systems fall short

In the petrochemical industry in particular, there is a great need for this benzene sensor. Here the risks are high and regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. If concentrations are too high, the system behind the sensor sounds the alarm. At present, this cannot be determined for each individual substance. Also, current systems measure far too crudely. As a result, operations are sometimes halted unnecessarily, with all the financial consequences that this entails. On the other hand, the sensors do not always detect benzene correctly. This can lead to employees becoming ill without noticing it.

A world first in the making

Our experts have now built a sensor that can quickly detect very low concentrations of a group of substances (aromatics). The next phase is to produce a sensor that can very specifically detect the presence of the carcinogen benzene. This will require at least another year of research, construction, and testing.


Do you also want to invest in the development of this sensor and become a global leader? Let us know! Collaboration may result in a limited liability company, joint venture or licence. In addition to the offshore and onshore oil and gas industry, there is great interest in applications in other sectors.